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Now    Entering    A    Great    Place,    Please    Slow    Down    And    Enjoy   

This would be my second page, My first was a Dragons page, also consisting of pics, because what else would you want??? This page will concentrate on anime, being the coolest thing that is not Dragon Related (and sometimes it is). Anyhow, if you came straight here, then you missed my profile, My name is Chris Goldie, and I am 16 years old, I like what else but art in all pencil paper forms, and I am new at the net thing, so if you have any suggestions, please send them to me,My E-Mail adress will be listed at the Bottom of the page as well as a link to my other page if you wish to check it out. without further adue, let the pics emerge from their dark, tiny links. Thanx and enjoy. Your host and friend, Chris Goldie, AKA ChronoGod

You should be honored, you are # to ever visit my site, witch makes you a cool person. Thanx for coming here.

My Somewhat Moderately Sized Anime Pics List

Anime1 SM: In a school bus, from SailorMoonR movie
Anime2 SM: Sailor Mars' attack, pretty cool
Anime3 SM: Mizuno Ami(sailor mercury doing an attack
Anime4 SM: Young cute Usagi Tsukino, from the R movie
Anime5 SM: Moon Princess, just cool
Anime6 SM: The moon Wand thing, cool pic
Anime7 SM: Rei and her Magic Strips of paper, also quite cool
Anime8 SM: Moon Princess and Prince Darien, it is big!!!
Anime10: The Sailor 5, cool pic for sure
Anime11 Ranma: This is just the best, check it out
Anime12 Ranma: The ladies of ranma1/2, in an old fashioned style
Anime13 Ranma: This is just all the Ranma characters(OK around 40% of them) thrown together.Looks good though
Anime14 Ranma: Female ranma holding something
Anime15 Ranma: Akane Tendo in skating outfit
ChronoGods Pics Of Dragons: This would be My other Site, go here if you are interested in dragons and wizards and other cool things
Another Dragon Page By Me This is my big homepage, if you are on netscape it will be a pile of writing all in the first sentence, if you can make a mirror site, please let me know

Thanx for veiwing my page, if you like it, please return often, for I will update my page often, and you will always find new things, including games and other cool things, if you have a banner for your homepage and it is dragon or anime related, send me the HTML for it, and it will be posted on my page. Thanx again.